Our History

Camp Living Waters was established in 1993 by Susan Armstrong and Greg Conners of St. Alban's, Arcata and Christ Church, Eureka as a family camp. The camp developed into a joint kids’ camp, and has evolved since then into the week-long camp we hold today. The camp’s leadership and staffing has been passed along through members of the St. Alban's in Arcata, St. Paul's in Crescent City and Christ Church in Eureka parishes with each new wave of staff adding layers of tradition and experience. Throughout the years our camp has grown to include a wider range of churches and reaches wider through our communities while maintaining a cohesive small community atmosphere.  Campers and counselors have continued to attend through the years, progressing through the ranks to young adult and staff members, including directing the camp. Today our camp thrives on and exists as an extension of the community-minded nature of Humboldt and Del Norte counties and serves many underprivileged children in our communities.